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November 30th, 2013 / Author: Carl Miller

"A global success"

iTunes gift cards are highly popular with people around the world who want the very latest music, movies, apps and more for their Apple products.

So popular in fact that on June 10th, 2013, Apple's Chief Executive, Tim Cook released that iTunes had 575 million accounts worldwide with 500,000 new accounts being added daily!

Due to this global success many generators have appeared on the internet claiming to give away free iTunes gift codes when all you really get is a bucket load of viruses so it is advised NOT to use them.

If you DO want a free iTunes gift card then you are only 20 seconds away from becoming the newest member of the biggest "get-for-free" website on the internet where you WILL get one!!

To get your free iTunes gift card follow the 3 steps below!!

Use 20 seconds of your day and become the sites newest member!!

The site already boasts over 5 MILLION members worldwide.

You will need an email address to register with - make sure you go to that e-mails inbox to verify your membership by clicking the link in the email you will have received.

WARNING!! - This is so easy you may become addicted!!

Points are what members collect and then use to get their free cards with. By joining today you will be given 250 as a welcome gift. You collect more points by playing games, watching videos, taking surveys (an excellent way to collect thousands of points!) or any of the hundreds of fun and easy things you can do on this site!! 

Now for the best part - spending the points you have collected!!

Once you have the points required for your free iTunes gift card simply request it!!

One of the sites Admin team orders the card from Amazon using your points!!

(Amazon is the sites partner and accepts your points like real money)

Simply wait a day or two for your card to be delivered!! It's that simple!!

The thing with this website is you will get out of it what you put in - some members join, get their free iTunes gift card and leave, never to return.
Others have remained members for years and received thousands of dollars' worth of free stuff.